I am a Thai male now living in Thailand.
Oakyman is my handle name using in Internet (and also BBS in the past).
It is actually an cartoon character I created in my childhood (since elementary school).

My interest lies in Technology (Computer, Internet, Programming),
Cartoon (Manga, and some Anime), Music (Moderndog, Radiohead, Mr.Children etc.),
Football (Playing, supporting Liverpool FC since late ’80s), Books (mostly bought not much read).

I graduated Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Chulongkorn University,
have been living in Japan for about 4 years – from 2002 to 2006.
2 years was spent studying in Tokyo Tech (東京工業大学) about Speech Recognition,
then working in a small venture company in Japan (this time about Speech Synthesis) for almost 2 years.

I have founded TKO Comics, a publisher which publishes Japanese manga in Thai version since 2006 with some friends.